Get Started

We are available to answer your questions. Please contact us at 07733366097 via text.

If you have already started the enrollment process with Arise Virtual Solutions and you are ready to outsource your Independent Call Centre Advisor services, please e-mail us at and our Welcome Manager will contact you.

If you have not started the enrollment process please see below on how to get started.

Requirements & Instructions

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You will be subject to a background check (Arise does not allow anyone to service a client program who has a criminal conviction)
  • You will be required to take a voice assessment and you MUST use a land line or you will automatically fail and you will NOT have a second chance to take it over (no internet phones eg. Google Voice, Comcast, Vonage or the like).
  • If you would like to continue Click Here to Register with Arise
  • Click the link that says Become an Agent
  • Click the box I understand that Arise offers a business opportunity, not employment.
  • Click the get started link
  • Select the United Kingdom (At this time SG Voice Solutions is only accepting clients in the UK)
  • Is Partnering with Arise Right for You? You must check all boxes to move on, if this opportunity is not for you it’s OK to exit now.
  • Enter your information to get started – be sure to enter a username and password that is easy to remember (you will use this information on a daily basis – never share your username and password with anyone). Click the question mark (?) for hints on how to choose a username and password.
  • Click next to advance
  • Enter your address information
  • Under Where you referred to Arise by an Independent Business Owner or current Client Support Professional? Select Yes from the dropdown
  • Continue to fill out the application (be sure to select every field in which you have experience. This area will help to determine your eligibility for specific clients. If you are bilingual be sure to enter that as well, there are bilingual opportunities available from time to time
  • The next step is to complete the voice assessment. Please be sure to have a LANDLINE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETAKE THIS SO YOU MUST PAST THE FIRST TIME AROUND. Get into a quite place, listen carefully and speak clearly. you will receive a response within a few hours or a day to two at the most. If you fail you will not be able to retake this assessment.
  • When you pass the background check you will be very close to the end of the enrollment process. It is now time for CSP101.
  • Once you have fully enrolled in and completed the CSP101 it us now time to sign the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and outsource your administrative support services. Sign the NDA and select the third option to partner with an affliate partner of Arise Virtual Solutions.
  • When you are ready to outsource your administrative support services, please enter our EIN 76275 on the Arise portal after signing the Non Disclosure Agreement (this process may change from time to time and you may be required to enter our EIN before signing the agreements)