Partner Now

What you can expect from your partnership:

  • Discounts – As a client of SG Voice Solutions you are eligible for up to 40% discounts on some program opportunities.
  • Report Processing – You will receive a detailed report identical to that which we receive from Arise.
  • Record Keeping – A copy of your client opportunity and SOW is kept on file for the time frame in which we provide services to you.
  • Support Services – A wide variety of services are provided to help you become and remain successful with your client accounts.
  • Support Managers – Support Managers are in place to help with your quality and metrics. They will guide you on how to perform better and provide better service to your accounts.
  • Incident Research & Resolution – Our dedicated team will advocate on your behalf, researching every issue and providing the detailed feedback that we receive and expediting a resolution.
  • Independent Call Centre Advisor Fee – Here at SG Voice Solutions, our ultimate goal is to have the top performing clients for Arise.  Arise charges  £10 fee for each invoice period.  There are two invoice periods. The 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the end of the month.
  • Direct Deposit Option – Receive your revenue the business day following the day we receive it from Arise
  • Becoming a client – To partner with SG Voice Solutions e-mail or Click Here and complete the Contact Us form.